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North Korea Miley Cyrus

Trump to suggest prisoner swap ultimatum 

US President Trump has surprisingly found what seems to be a favorable and peaceful solution to securing the release of US citizens recently detained in North Korea, by offering Miley Cyrus in return for their release.

The offer was laid out on the table after talks between Trump and his security council. Talks were expected to take hours but concluded after just 5 minutes as Cyrus' name popped up.

North Korea are said to be willing to engage in talks about accepting a prisoner swap style deal for Mylie Cyrus. While the impoverished nation is suffering from heavy economic sanctions exploiting Mylie Cyrus' popular amongst the youth of today is believed to be one method of aiding its 25 million people. 

Scandal HQ were present at the White Hous press conference, where Trump made the official announcement.
"Not only are we releasing our citizens from a perilous situation in North Korea, we are stopping Mylie Cyrus from releasing another single in our great nation. This is just another example of how we plan on making America great again. It's also another way to bring back North Korea to the negotiating table when it comes to nuclear activity"

While the transfer of Cyrus has been approved by congress politicians were eager to ensure a "no return" policy to ensure it was a one way transfer.

Cyrus has declined to comment on her impending move although the move might be favorable for the young celebrity, who recently stated an intention to leave the US if Donald Trump became president. A win win for everybody.

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