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British foxs trying to flee the UK

Dover Jungle out of control say unions, Ricky Gervais denies fox smuggling claims

Truck drivers operating between Dover and Calais have a new problem on their hands and this time its on the UK side of the ferry crossing - undocumented foxs trying to flee the UK to mainland Europe.

With Theresa May signalling she is in favour of a free vote on Fox hunting and an expected election victory for the Torys there has been a huge build up of foxs fearing or their lives at Dover, the entry point to mainland Europe. Resources are stretched and fox smuggling is also rife.

The sharp and steady increase has created whats has been dubbed as the Dover Jungle, with dens of fox's waiting for their opportunity to board trucks and lorrys destined for France, a safer haven for the desperate animals.

Speaking on behalf of the Truck Drivers Union UK Mark Farright insisted the government need to keep the ban on fox hunting, so his drivers remain safe and fox's can go back to living a normal life in England.

"It's getting more dangerous for our drivers with the foxs often trying to hijack the trucks. Fox hunting is banned in Scotland but fox's are smart animals, they don't want to live there."

With no end in sight it has been left to many high profile animal campaigners such as Ricky Gervais to highlight the plight of the foxugess, who, after years of relative safety in England are at risk of being hunted for sport.

While Gervais have been very vocal in his support for the foxs he has been accused by trade unions of being a sneaky fox himself, being caught on camera loading what looks like two fox's onto the back of a BBC truck, used by his production company. Denying the allegations, Gervais - who was wearing a save the foxs jumper, has the following to say when questions by Scandal HQ reporters.

"Oh Come on guys, for fucks sake, I was only bringing my kittens with me, not foxs, I'm shooting a new movie in France. I love all animals but I'm not a fox smuggler. "

With the situation showing no signs up improving anytime soon police in Dover have warned truck drivers not to feed the fox's and ensure their vehicles are secure.


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