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Facebook friends cull

Friends who never met her said to be worried and offering support...

Katie Edmonds, a 19 year old mother of two from Framlingham in Suffolk has gone public with her intention to do a "clean up" of her Facebook friends list.

The part time supermarket workers latest public announcement comes just days after she she threatened to leave Facebook altogether, proclaiming it was "full of fake friends" and that she "needs a break xoxoxo". Even more worrying for her friends the messages were followed by numerous sad face icons. 

The town of Framlington is now on a knife-edge, waiting to see who has made the cull. Many friends, most of whom she never actually met responded to her post with comments such as "u ok bae?" and "Luv you KT".

Edmonds currently has 4,500 friends, of those 4,320 being male. With Framlingtons population at 3,000 Edmonds has a wide spanning popularity and boasts friends as far away as Nigeria, an indication that her provocative photos have a wide appeal.

Edmonds, who has yet to refuse a Facebook friend request insists all is not rosey and is expected to start the cull before the week is over. It is not known how long the procedure will take although a Facebook notice will be posted upon completion, congratulating all those who made it.

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