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Mike Ashley's Sports Direct to begin work exchange programme

Various placements to be made compulsory for some workers

Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley has made significant advancements in his quest to start a work exchange programme with the North Korean Government, with worker exchanges set to take place as early as next month.

The exchange programme will see many British based Sports Direct workers being moved to the new Pyongyang office, which is to be managed by North Korean Government officials. Similar working conditions and practices should help make the transition smooth and help staff integrate with ease. Workers who wish to remain in Britain can continue to work under their zero hour contracts, although they will be working under new management, expected to be former North Korean officials. The officials have been hired to maximise productivity.

The partnership between Sports Direct and North Korea was formed after founder Mike Ashley visited Pyongyang to discuss opening a new regional headquarters. During his visit he met the nations leader Kym Jong Un. Ashley visited many government controlled factories during his visit was said it's an ideal agreement.

"North Koreans in general have an excellent work ethic and go about their business in a very effective way. In all the seat-shops, sorry, I mean factories I visited the workers seemed almost content and I think we learn something from them. I admire how Kim Jong Un is referred to as The Dear Leader' and it is something of a title I will consider applying to myself in my company."

To secure the partnership Ashley has reportedly paid over €1M in Sports Direct Vouchers and donated Sports Direct Branded mugs to North Korean Officials. Despite little or no government involvement in Britain in relation to the partnership, the topic was raised at the house of commons recently, with Labor MP Tim Weaks expressing concern with the workers contracts. The issue has not been raised since that debate, with Weaks having reportedly gone missing.

Scandal HQ will be keeping an eye on events in Pyongyang as they unfold and speaking with the families of those with are undertaking the exchange.  

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