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David Beckham

It's Beckham, David Beckham as former footballer set for 007 role 

After recently starring featuring in Guy Richie's latest movie, King Arthur, Scandal HQ understand that the former football superstar turned bad actor Beckham could be in line to become the next James Bond. Representatives for Beckham have remained tight lipped about the rumors although Beckham was seen leaving a meeting with producers at Mi6 studios.

Speaking exclusively to Scandal HQ, movie director and good friend of Beckham Guy Richie had the following to say:
"Goldenballs would be a great Bond, I think it makes a lot of sense. After getting sent off and fucking England over in the world cup he's eager to make amends for England. Fair enough, he wasn't able to do it on the football pitch but why not give him a try on the big screen. Lots more women would go see the movie also, why do you think I cast him in my movie?"

Betting for the next James Bond has also been suspended with bookmakers. It is unknown is the betting was stopped after Beckham's former England teammate Joey Barton was caught placing a large wager on the chances of a 007 Beckham.

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