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Freddy Macheda

Former Manchester star following in the footsteps of under 13 year old superstar...

Despite failing in a lawsuit against his former football club 18 year old teenager Sean Cooke from Cork in Ireland has inspired former Man United youngster Federico Macheda to seek legal advice on who to sue as a result of his own post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) relating to alleged injustice from earlier Manchester United years.

Sean Cook, through his parents attempted to sue his former club Carraigaline United for being dropped from the team as a 13 year old. He alleges he suffers from PTSD as a result and more shockingly even managed to get a get a psychologist to sign off on it.

Macheda, a former 17 year old wonderkid while at United, now plays in Italy's serie B, considered a similar level to Carragaline Under 13s scholboys. He has spoken at length with Cook and sough his advice. Macheda is considering suing Alex Ferguson for dropping him, feeling he has a stronger case than Cook who was quiet obviously the superstar in his local amateur schoolboy league. Macheda too insists he suffers from chronic PTSD.

Legal advice is also being sought to the explore the possibility of suing the parents as a result of poor genes resulting in him being a bit poo at football.

Speaking exclusively to Scandal HQ Macheda had the following to say:
"Old red nose himself [Sir Alex Ferguson], we got on great at the start and then he just dropped me, like a snot. It was unbelievable, I never recovered. There were scouts from even Liverpool at one of the games I was benched for so I never got the chance to make a move to a bigger club and I had t stay at United for another while. Sean gave me the motivation to do something about it after suffering himself."

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