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Bombay Sapphire

Beverage recently recalled after containing double alcoholic content

After the recent recall of popular spirit alcoholic beverage Bombay Sapphire there have been reports of a large quantity of crates gone missing in a holding warehouse in Ontario.

The crates were seized by liquor authorities after tests confirmed some batches of the drink containers almost 80% alcohol. Now it seems a lot of the crates in question have gone missing, with Canadian customs reporting an outbreak of mischievous bears having compromised the compound containing the crates.

Speaking and trying not to slur his words customs office Hank Farthing stated, "Them bears are always up to no good. We need better protection. I don't know exactly what happened but they broke in and destroyed the place, there was liquor everywhere."

It was then put to Farthing by a reporting that it was hibernating season for bears. Farthing replied with the following before falling over, "Well, [burp] in some parts. But maybe they were woken from their sleep, all I know is that it wasn't me and the lads".

The case continues.

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