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Australia to move refugee processing centre to Tasmania

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull signs deal to move processing centre from Manus to Tasmania

In an answer to critics the Australian Government have released plans to relocate their controversial refugee processing centre from the tiny Pacific Island nation of Manus to the island of Tasmania, the only Australian island not taken over by British and Irish backpackers. The move is part of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's wider plans for 2017 as the Australian government face an international backlash following various allegations.

In the past year the centre has come under fire from observers and detainees alike for the reported mistreatment of inmates with widespread reports of sexual and physical abuse by fellow inmates and officers. The centre hosts those detained on boats trying to enter Australia illegally as well as scores of Irish backpackers.

"Not Tassie, please just send me home"

While the new processing centre will cater for the ever increasing number of desperate refugees it is hoped the thought of being kept on Tasmania will deter more people from trying to enter Australia illegally. Many of those current held at Manus have already agreed to be sent back to their war torn countries rather than be relocated to Tasmania

While the new processing center has been welcomed by many local residents complain they were the last to find out about this wide ranging news. Many Tasmanians regularly complain the Australian government have ignored Tasmania for long enough with facilities and services lacking behind other Australian states. Hobart resident Tammy Burns isn't so keen on the idea. "Blimey, we already have to deal with the local wifebeaters and regular 50 year old hippies and now this, they can shove their plans up their bloody arses".

Speaking with ScanalHQ Turnbull stated "For long enough we have been thinking of a good way to make use of that Island and we finally have an answer. It's multiple times the size of Manus, a fraction of the people, a burden on state finances and thankfully isolated from real Australia"

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