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Scouse Group aim to be big in Japan

A group of Liverpudlians aim to help with Japans aging population...

A Group of cheeky chappies from Liverpool have put together plans to assist in the potential crisis in Japan, where an aging population shows no signs of abating. 

Japan is undergoing an unprecedented crisis which in short is down to a lack of people having sex. With an aging population in a nation that boasts the longest life expectancy pressure is beginning to show signs to cracking. A recent survey showed that 42% per cent of men and 44.2% of women between the ages 18 and 35 in Japan have never had sex. The term "Herbivore" has been coined to describe Japanese men who has zero or no internet is having sex and this is a group on the increase

Sex Dolls & Technology?

Why the exact reason for the decreasing population of Japan is not fully known bit in a hi-tech nation where new technologies are forefront, a lifetime commitment to your company is common and whereby sexdolls an porn are more accepted it leads for unpleasant reading. 

The scouse group in question have come up with a solution, to visit Japan on long stints to offer Japanese ladies no strings attached sex at no cost or commitment - to bring back the joy of love making to Japanese women. The group in question, known as Mangascouse have even offered to impregnant Japanese natives providing they can avail of fake ID and that their identities are never known.

Leader of the Group Raheed Sterling said "We care about Japan and we really want to give something back to a nation that has given us sushi - and, em....Jackie Chan. We just care and want to help."

Many of the members of Mangascouse are said to be married. The married members we spoke with said they simply were going along for the ride, or going to accompany their shy friends but wouldn't be partaking in any of the planned activities.

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