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Sturgon in calls to canonize William Wallace

Nicola Sturgeon announces her intentions to seek William Wallaces canonization

Taking time off from her crusade on Scottish independence Sturgeon has sent her minions on a fact finding mission on sainthood for William Wallace, one of the leaders during the was for Scottish Independence from English rule - and a man forever immortalized by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart

Aye - William Wallace was a wee hero

Nicola has already done quiet a bit of research on the subject and is confident her mission can be successful. "Aye, it's true we are looking for Sainthood for William Wallace, one of the heroic leaders of Scotland past. If Vladimir Putin can get nominated for for the Nobel Peace Prize then I think us Scots can go one step further, Willian Wallace was a wee hero and a saint of our people"

When questioned about being able to prove 2 miracles performed by William Wallace - one of the requirements for sainthood Sturgeon didn't seem too sure with her response. "Em, well, he did impregnate Queen Isabella pregnant - wife of Prince Edward. We're working on the other miracle as we speak"

A report on the possibility of William Wallace's Sainthood is expected to take 2 months.

In related news Sturgeon said she planned to rebuild Hadrian's Wall should Scotland eventually breakaway from Great Britain.

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