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Canada puts out tender to build wall between USA...

Canadian government rushing through proposals for wall to curtail US celebrities and whinging Hillary Clinton fans migrating north

After Donald Trumps victorious US Presidential Election victory worried lawmakers in Canada are trying to push ahead with plans to build a wall to the south of the nation. The proposed border is intended to help secure its border with the hoards of US celebrities and die-hard Hillary Clinton fans who have stated their intentions to move to Canada in the event of Trump winning the election.

Many US citizens would welcome the likes of Mylie Cyrus, Madonna, Amy Schumer, Cher, Amber Rose and Katie Perry moving north although many Canadians feel the are not welcome. Such feels were evident across social media with one Canadian citizen commenting "We work hard to get rid of our overrated talent - look how successful we have been in getting rid of Justin Beiber and Drake. We don't want no damn Mylie Cyrus".

Pharmaboy Martin Shkreli also offered to help these celebrities on their way.


Tensions between politicians also linger on both sides of the border. The Canadians are pointing out that what they are doing is exactly what the US are doing themselves and therefore they are justified in their actions. Representatives for the White House meanwhile has suggested Canada waits before pressing ahead with any plans for a physical border. In a more fiery tone they also threatened sending Justin Beiber back home to Canada if they do push ahead with the plans.

The Canadian/US wall is expected to take at least 3 years to complete by which time many of these so called celebrities are expected be long forgotten.

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