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Jason Bateman metoo

Jason Bateman, star of movies such as Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief and Juno has been rescued, from the yard of hardware store in downtown LA.

Bateman was believed to have been the last male actor hiding in Los Angeles this year, as the ever growing group of Hollywood feminazis continue their witch-hunt.

Despite never having been accused of any sexual harassment himself, Bateman's fate was sealed with his recent comments whereby he stated "people should be innocent until proven guilty".

Said to be recovering at a secret location, Bateman says he went through a tough ordeal. "I hid for one week in the hardware store - where I was sure no woman would ever venture. My only crime is being male actor living in Hollywood - and that Tropic Thunder movie. What makes it worse is that Whoppi Goldberg one, she was the ringleaders, pulling my hair, swinging her handbag and screaming 'males out' with the others. And she's the one defending that Roman Polanski sex offender fugative."

Bateman says he would like to go back to LA at some stage, and that he just wants things to be fair and just. "I will hopefully return to LA in the near future, when things are back to the good old days, with us men earning 4 times what our female counterparts earn."

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