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Simon Cowell's Revenge

Tough punishment for man convicted of breaking into showbiz stars London mansion in December 2015

32 year old Darren February has been found guilty of breaking in Simon Cowell's home and sentenced to 3 Shane Ward CDs back to back.

The robbery occurred at Simon Cowells London property at approximately 3am on 4th February 2015 when Cowell along with his wife and son were sleeping in show moguls mansion. During the robbery cash, 2 pairs of jeans, 47 matching black jumpers and 47 matching white shirts were stolen. Louis Walsh was also at the premises at the time of the robbery having been working the kitchen and chained to the sink.

A harsh lesson

Darren, who was known to police and who served time for previous robberies shouted at the judge "you can't do this, not Shane Ward" as he was being led away. His lawyer stated he intends to appeal noting he believes a custodial sentences would have been more appropriate.

In a victim impact statement Simon said "He came into my home and not only breached my privacy but robbed me of the only clothes I had, black jumpers and white shirts. I had to unchain Louis and send him off to buy some more. On the brigher side of things I got rid of 3 of them godforsaken Shane Ward CDs"

Simon has since beefed up security at his London home by hiring Jodie Marsh as head of security.  

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