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John Terry

Former England captain to link up with Xavi and Al Sadd Football Club

Rather than join another Premier League now that his Chelsea playing career is over, former captain and general sex pest John Terry is said to have accepted a job offer from Al Sadd FC in Qatar.

The latest reports coming from sources insist it's a done deal and it's just a case of when he makes an official announcement.

Many clubs has publicly stated their interest in signing Terry, including clubs from China where he could command a much higher salary, or from the USA where the lifestyle is more similar to home.

While the wages being offered from Al Sadd were not as high as elsewhere the offer of 5 wives thrown into the equation seems to have swayed Terry's decision. With Qatar being a Muslim country having multiple wives is widely accepted so Terry won't have to worry about hitting the headlines when having affairs with teammates wives.

While we await an official announcement from Terry's camp is it not yet known if the superstar plans to bring his mistresses over with his family.

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