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Thirty six year old Billy "Jaws" Henderson has announced to pals that now is the time for him to finally turn professional in the world of boxing, after a 22 year absence, following on from his 10 month stint as an amateur.

The announcement, made in his local Weatherspoons to great applause from all 4 of his friends, comes after he quit the sport at age 14, after an amateur record of 1 win and 2 losses, before quitting to dabble in drugs and join a gang.

Despite being hugely overweight, suffering from a severe drinking problem and being diagnosed with diabetes Henderson insists he can make a good go of it.
"I've always been good at sports and I feel in the best shape of my life. In the darts down at my local I always finish in the top 5 and I'm convinced I could have made it at Man United or some other Premier League team when I was 15 - only a leg injury stopped me getting trials. Seeing lads like Rio Ferdinand and Conor McGregor getting into the boxing ring gives me encouragement, sure what do they know about boxing, they come from different sports."

Henderson hopes to start back training next month at the latest, or maybe the month after, insisting he has 2 stag do's and also a darts competition coming up.

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