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Pixel phone

Information has been leaked about a new feature of of the upcoming Pixel 2 phone by Google. The feature, known as "Onthelash Mode", aims to eliminate drunken texts, cringy phonecalls or regrettable videos, and is the first of its kind analysts say.

Reports state that if users have the Onthelash Mode enabled they must blow into the phone before use during evenings and weekends, much in the same way as a standard alcohol breathalyzer. If the inbuilt sensors detect owners being over the blood alcohol limit then the phone will be rendered useless for a period of anything from 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending on users blood alcohol level

Google have suggested that calls for the feature had been rising and the feature could save friendships, embarrassment, extra marital affairs and even marriages.

In a fitting move Amir Khan was contracted to star in the advertising campaign for Googles latest phone. The Bolton based boxer will promote the Onthelashmode mode by highlighting various regrettable texts and voice-messages that could have been prevented.

The Pixel 2, Googles latest flagship product is set to be released in October.

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