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Speculation is rife that Barack Obama sent self exploding Samsung Note 7s to Russian counterpart

In a hastily arranged press conference US president Barack Obama has denied knowingly sending dodgy Samsung Note 7s to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The incident sparked outrage and has further deteriorated ties between the two world powers.

The Note 7, Samsung's latest flagship phone has been recalled due to self exploding battery problems. The phones - commonly known as phablets due to their large screen and dual use as a phone or tablet are the subject of various lawsuits after exploding or self igniting in various situations. The Note 7 could have easily exploded at any stage and caused injury or worse to those using it or within 5 metres of the device. Thankfully Putin's security personal were alert to the device defects having used the tactic before in Ukraine and Georgia.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin stated

"We denounce the underhand tactics of the US Government and believe Obama had plotted an disguised assassination of our dear Putin. There will be repercussions if proven to be a deliberate attack"

The US Government confirmed they do commonly send material gifts as a gesture of good will to various worldwide leaders and governments although it is rare to send electronics devices. This case was particularly peculiar as Samsung is a South Korean company and US Russian relations are at present frosty.

"It wasn't me"

During Obama's press conference he stated he has numerous advisors and it wasn't his idea to send the Note 7 as a goodwill gift to the Russian president. "It wasn't me, I usually just send Rolling Stones CD's, I didn't even know about the defects and the mass device recall announced by Samsung"

While the issue will most likely lead to further distrust between the two nations have continued to discuss the online conflict in Syria but only after a meeting between both presidents. Vladimir Putin has promised to bring a bottle of his finest red wine as a commitment to overlook this incident.

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