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Ryanair, family separate on flights

The Civil Aviation Authority have revealed plans to begin an investigation into widespread claims that family members are being deliberately separated on flights.

The allegations, from irate customers have been increasing in number, with the airline watchdog in turn venting their own frustration - at actually having work to perform. The investigation will focus on many of the budget airlines operating in the UK, with a particular focus on Ryanair.

ScandalHQ caught up with Ryanair head of communications, Ledley Patterson, who also acts as a Ryanair pilot, cabin crew member and check-in assistant. Patterson stated: "our seats are allocated randomly, and the algorithm ensures we try to sit families together where possible."

Before rushing off to fine an oncoming passenger for an oversized bag, Patterson supplied us with a bill for the questions asked and directed any further questions to the contact section of the Ryanair website.

Mother of five, Katie North of Shrewsbury stated all her family were dispersed on a recent flight from Malaga, claiming she saw dozens of free seats next to each other. "I think it's a disgrace, we paid over £15 per person for those flights and I had to worry about my children, not knowing who they were sitting next to. We should have the option to sit next to each other without paying the £2 fee"

Father of four Trevor Earlington of Bolton encouraged Ryanair to retain the scattering of family members on flights. He stated: "There is a lot to be said for getting some peace and quiet on a flight. In fact I would be happy to pay extra NOT to sit next to my children, The messing, singing and childsplay drives me mad"

The Civil Aviation Authority stress that they are a government body, so don't expect anything to come from this investigation, and that it will take however long they want.

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