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The annual Sausagefest event hopes to bring in some much needed men in the Midlands....

After the success of the last 2 years this weekends see's the start of the 3 day Sausagefest in Nottingham. The festivals is part of a campaign to not only promote the local area and its farm produce but to bring in visitors from across the world.

Nottingham, often viewed as the best place in the UK for single men due to the often reported favorable sex ratios has seen a huge influx in the male species for the past two events much to the delight of the local ladies Many local lassies complain about not just the lack of men, but also the calibre of men available throughout the year and this has even prompted a campaign to extend the event to a week long event.

Kevin Brandell, an influential local counciller has slammed the campaign to extend the festival. "Many of the visitors to the Sausagefest tend to overdrink, become aggressive and cause a pubic nuisance"


The event organisers, an all women group commonly known for campaigning on womens rights hope to nab a few men during the event and manybe even find a husband or 'bit on the side'. Lisa Blackwood stated the following:

"Ever since the war the sex ratios in Nottingham have been dreadful for us women, the new nursing college didn't help either. We decided something needed to be done, we were sick of traveling to Manchester to get a bit of action All men love sausages, all men love beer, its what this festival is all about, bringing together the two things men love in order to find love"

The hashtag #bringourmenback has been trending in the midlands in the weeks leading up to the event.

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