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Starts researching "how to become digital nomad" after buying ticket to Thailand

Norman Gibney, a young bank executive has given up his role at a top London banking institute to become a "digital nomad". The sudden career change desire came about after seeing photos of former classmates posting photographs on Facebook during their travels. The photos showed the former friends posing on the beach in Thailand with braided hair, Chang beer vests and smelly flip flops. Normans career change was confirmed after paying £25 for a eBook from an American digital nomad who claims he blogs for a living and made 1 million traveling the world.

While Gibney is excited about is career change he is adamant that his new venture will be a success, despite having no online business experience and never having a blog. He has sold his car, stopped shaving, started smoking weed and got in touch with various digital nomads asking them what exactly they do.

Gibney's flight leaves from London in just under 2 weeks and he hopes to use the remaining time in between to say goodbye to friends and family, insisting he can't stand the British weather and that he will never return.

"I was reading all about the lifestyle and Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is the perfect destination for me. I'm just sick to death of this f***ing British weather. I was on holidays with the lads in Magaluf before and that's my kinda place, chilling on the beach and just living life. I can't wait to start blogging about something and earning good money doing what I want to do - when I find out what it is. I will probably come home every second Christmas to say hi to the auld lad"

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