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Virgin Active to offer selfie only gym membership

Selfie Package perfect for those who pretend to be at the gym

Virgin Active UK have started signing up members to their new "selfie only" gym membership. The plan is the first of its kind and and will allow members to save money on traditional plans as well as take photographs and pose with gum equipment without actually using it.

The new packages, starting at £15 per month will also give subscribers access to in house gym photographers, who will guide members on how to appear sweaty and tired as well as providing advice on different pouting positions and postures.

Speaking at the announcement of the new plans Virgin CEO Richard Branson had the following to say.
"We watched member trends and listened to the feedback. Many of our members don't actually use the equipment at our gyms despite coming to the gym up to 7 days a week. The come to pretend they were working out by splashing some water on their face and posting photographs to their Facebook or Instagram. It's all about providing something to benefit them"

For more information on the selfie gym memberships get in touch with your local Virgin Active gym.

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