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Four year old toothbrush

Stoke-on-Trent chappie Jack Goff(32) has vowed to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding his missing toothbrush, which went AWOL just 2 days ago.

After lasting an incredible 4 years, from when he lived in his parents, the Poundland toothbrush, which he recalls his mother buying him, has been mysteriously put out of action, forcing Jack Goff to consider purchasing a new one for the first time, or maybe visiting his parents to see if they have any spare brushes. 

While the events surrounding the toothbrushes disappearance remain a mystery, Jack's girlfriend Ava denies having anything to do with it, despite being caught throwing it in the bin on more than one occasion previously.
"It wasn't me and he can sod off if he thinks it was. Everytime I tried to throw the disgusting thing in the bin that bollox picks it out, rinses it under the tap and barks at me to mind my own business. It had about 3 bristles left."

Jack remains adamant that the toothbrush was as good as the day he first used it although he is unsure about when he will splash out on a new brush, responding with a simple a simple shrug of the shoulder and a "whenever" when questioned about his plans to replace the incredibly long lasting toothbrush.

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