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Ryanair passengers

With the ongoing flight cancellation at Ryanair showing no signs of going away anytime soon CEO and gobshite Michael O'Leary finally has something to smile about. Recent statistics released by the airline show that 98% of passengers who insisted on "never flying Ryanair again" have booked their next Ryanair flight or have since flown Ryanair shortly after their intended pledge.

Speaking to reporters after announcing the news news O'Leary stated "We are glad to see these idiotic customers returning, and we get people who say it the whole time and I keep insisting they are talking through their arse and this once again proves me right. We hope to see all our disgruntled customers coming back and we will continue to pretend we are a low fares airline going forward."

While the statistics are favorable for Ryanair many customers remain aggrieved with the airline due to the ongoing cancellations policy. One such customer is Shrewsbury resident May Simons, who says she has spent over £200 so far phoning the Ryanair hotline, in the hope of getting her £5 flight refunded.

"I won't stop until they refund my £5 and I don't care how long it takes me."

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