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Antisocial Behaviour in Ipswich

Ipswich Council have made public plans to open a Jobcentre on the Waterfront, following failed efforts to curb antisocial behaviour in and around the area.

Despite increased police patrols and the installation of additional CCTV the problem of underage drinking, joyriding and frisky youths has increased considerably. Also initiatives to engage more with the families of the perpetrators involved has proven difficult with many of the youths not knowing the identity of their own father.

The planned Jobcentre has been given the green light despite not having been granted planning permission, with Councillors preferring to brush that issue under the table and accept developers brown envelopes instead.

The nearby University of Suffolk have supported calls for the Jobcentre, suggesting it may be the only proven method to ensure the troublesome youths stay away from the area.

"We are delighted something effective is finally being done to combat this behaviour, we can't have the working class or disadvantaged mixing with our future leaders. A Jobcentre will ensure they don't come near the place. "

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