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September baby boom across UK

Maternity wards under pressure as school season starts...

In what seems to be a growing trend teachers across the UK are having baby's more during the September and October months as opposed to any other time of the year. This year has broken all records with almost 1 out of every 2 female teachers going into labour. This places a huge strain on the National Union of Teachers ability to get adquate cover for those out on generous maternity leave.

Coincidence or something else?

Since the dawn of the unions and increase in paid maternity allowance the traditions of teachers having babies in September has steadily risen. Are teachers actually choosing to coincide the birth of their children with the start of the school term, we sent our reporters into schools to ask a few teachers their opinions...

Patrick Smith, Manchester - "Sure why not. The brats are getting brattier and if I was a woman I would be doing it too. Being a man it does slightly bother me - not because I can't give birth myself but because there's a lot less eye candy in the staff room. The last few substitute teachers we got in were a it of alright though"

Clara Meadows - Newcastle - "How dare you make such accusations, that's preposterous. Just because I have 5 children all born in September does not mean I planned it. The real baby boom period around here is 9 months after graduation night with all those horny little devils going wild celebrating"


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